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What to Know Before Moving a Piano into a Storage Unit

According to the Bluebook of Pianos, piano sales have been declining. Even so, well over 60,000 pianos are still sold in the U.S. each year. Most of these don’t stay in one place forever, but how do you move one? Moving your things into a storage unit is challenging enough when you don’t have anything delicate to transfer, but add a piano to the mix, and the task can seem daunting. If you follow these four steps, however, you’ll be able to prepare your keyboard, move it successfully, and keep it safe while it’s in storage.

Step One: Consider the Type of Piano

The technique for moving a grand piano versus an upright piano is different. While an upright piano cannot have its lyre or legs removed, a grand piano is usually disassembled before moving. Disassembly requires removing the legs, lid, and lyre of a grand piano to prevent damage. Because you can’t disassemble an upright piano, it’s essential not to tilt it when moving it to protect its delicate internal workings.

Step Two: Gather the Necessary Moving Supplies

To move a piano, you’ll probably want to make use of the following equipment:

Step Three: Move the Piano Carefully

When it comes to moving a piano, there are a few important things to remember:

  • Lock the keyboard lid, so it is securely shut, and, if the piano has casters, lock them in place.
  • Make sure the piano is entirely wrapped, including the corners. When padding your piano, be sure not to apply the moving tape to the piano itself, as this will cause damage.
  • Lift the piano from its base, and not from the delicate legs. Place moving straps diagonally under the piano so that your movers can stand at each of the four corners to raise the piano onto the dolly using the straps.
  • An upright piano must, as its name implies, stay upright. Don’t tilt it, or this may cause damage.
  • Load the piano near the cab of the moving truck and place it on a level surface.
  • Secure the piano in the moving truck using moving straps so that it does not shift in transit and sustain damage.

Step Four: Keep Your Piano Safely Stored

Once you’ve carefully and successfully moved your piano, you’ll want to make sure it remains safe in storage. Consider investing in a climate-controlled unit. The Piano Technicians Guild warns that humidity can cause a piano’s soundboard to shrink (in environments of low moisture) or swell (in environments of high humidity).

A lack of climate control can also cause strings to corrode or rust. Keep the piano at a comfortable room temperature of no more than 78°F and no less than 65°F, with humidity of approximately 50%. Whether or not you tune your piano before it goes into storage, it will need to be tuned when it comes out.

It is possible for you to move a piano on your own. However, hiring a pro makes the task easier. Find moving services nationwide through Great Guys Movers. These piano moving experts can not only disassemble and prep your piano for relocation, but they can also safely store your piano or help you set it up in your new home. Whether you need to move your piano a short distance across town or a long distance move across the country, the Great Guys team can help. Submit your information now to obtain your free moving quote!

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