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Rainy Moving Day? Don’t Let Rain Put a Damper on Your Relocation

As you prepare to move to a new home, you should keep a close eye on the weather. While you should try to relocate when the weather is favorable, that is not always possible. If rain is in the forecast and you cannot change your moving date, some extra planning can help make the process still go smoothly. Keep reading for a few tips to keep your belongings dry and safe while dealing with the rain and mud.

Think Safety

Whatever happens, you should always make safety your top priority. Lightning is extremely dangerous for anyone handling metal appliances outside. Wait inside until the worst part of the storm passes. Wear appropriate clothing and nonslip footwear. Gloves provide a better grip on wet items. Watch your step on slippery surfaces. Once you’ve loaded the moving truck, drive carefully. Follow appropriate defensive driving techniques.

Prepare Your Home

Rainwater and mud can cause surfaces to become slippery. Place mats, blankets, old rugs or towels on the floor near entrances, so that people can wipe their feet. Along with providing more secure footing, this prevents mud and dirt from being tracked to other parts of the house. Taping the floor coverings in place will prevent them from sliding around. You may also want to consider investing in disposable runners to protect your floors.

Consider dividing movers into three groups. One group stays inside and brings items to the door while the second group moves the things from the threshold to the truck. The third group remains inside the vehicle. Along with keeping the house clean and dry, this assembly line may save time as well.

Protect Your Belongings

Take the following precautions to protect the condition of your possessions. Remember that some items like electronics are more prone to water damage.

1. Park the Truck Close

Park the moving truck as close to your old and new residence as possible to limit the amount of time you expose your belongings to the rain. Make sure that there are no leaks inside the truck. Cover any holes with plastic and duct tape.

2. Prioritize Loading

If it looks like the rain may pass, then move items stored in plastic bins first and save fragile objects for later. Wrap everything that you can in large trash bags or other plastic covers. Plastic wrap can keep furniture, mattresses and similar large items clean and dry.

3. Hold Boxes from the Bottom

When cardboard moving boxes get wet, they can become soggy and fall apart. Hold the boxes from the bottom for extras support. Seal boxes to keep out as much moisture as possible.

4. Prevent Trapped Moisture

If using moving blankets or other cloth coverings, remove them as soon as the items are loaded on the truck to prevent trapped moisture. Dry any things that get wet as quickly as possible. Unpack your belongings soon at your new home to prevent mold and mildew.

You can employ these same tips if it is raining at your new home. While lousy weather makes moving harder, you can still get the job done safely. You just need to be mentally prepared and have a few extra supplies on hand. If you’d rather let professionals handle the logistics of your rainy move, it’s never too late to request a local or interstate moving quote through Great Guys (!


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