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Ultimate Moving Expenses Checklist to Plan Your Relocation Budget

Most people have relocated to a new home at least a few times over the years, so you may be well-aware of how expenses can seemingly creep up on you while you are in the process of relocating. You must complete all aspects of your relocation promptly, so it is just not feasible to run out of funds halfway through the project. Creating a moving budget ahead of time can help you to prepare for your relocation financially. These are essential items to include in your budget.

1. Moving Service

Hiring a professional moving company is one of the leading ways individuals relocate. Moving services may include loading and unloading the truck, packing and unpacking boxes, and more. The cost of services can vary, so it is wise to request multiple long distance moving quotes up-front. By doing so, you can accurately plan for this typically considerable expense. To save money and find cheaper moving options, use the form on our homepage ( to compare rates from affordable movers near you.

2. Moving Supplies

Many people overlook the cost of moving supplies. After all, how much can a roll of tape and a few boxes cost? However, you may need several dozen boxes, multiple rolls of tape, permanent markers or labels, cushioning, materials and more. Altogether, you may easily spend more than $200 or $300 on these items (if not more) depending on the number and type of possessions that you own. To reduce these costs, try to find free moving boxes and recycle newspaper to use as padding.

3. Deposits and Connection Fees

There is typically not a cost to turn off utility services in your current home, but you likely will be required to pay at least a few deposits or connection fees to establish new service for your future residence. Also, you may need to put down a rental security deposit. If you are moving out of a rental property, you may be responsible for damages to the home that your initial security deposit doesn’t cover.

4. Cleaning Service

In most cases, a vacated property needs a thorough cleaning after you have removed the contents. Some people will save money by doing this work on their own. However, spending several hours cleaning a fridge, an oven, ceiling fans, baseboards and more can be exhausting, and you may have other things that need your attention immediately after moving into a new home. Hiring a cleaning service can save time, but you need to budget for this expense.

5. Lodging, Food, and Gas

If you are moving to a home in the same general area, you may not need to budget for lodging, food, and gas associated with your move. However, if you are relocating to a home out-of-state, expect to spend a night or two in a hotel while you are in transit. Travel can cost a small fortune, so estimate your entire moving trip up-front. Budget for these expenses by booking hotel reservations in advance.

Unfortunately, some people are surprised by hidden expenses on moving day. This experience could create extreme financial stress at a time when you’re already stressed by the moving process in other ways. Preparing a budget ahead of time may tell you how much money you need on hand to get you through the relocation.

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