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Top Reasons People Move Across the Country

If you have moved before, you know that it can be quite a hassle. With all the packing, cleaning and transporting involved, simply moving down the street is hard enough, but a long distance move is even more of a challenge. If you’ve ever moved before, you’ve likely told yourself you’ll never do it again anytime soon.

So, you might be surprised at just how many Americans decide to move every year. According to a study conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau, it was discovered that a total of 35.9 million people moved between 2012 and 2013, or approximately 12% of the total population. What’s driving all these people to pack up and move? Here are 5 of the most common reasons people move:

1. Home is Too Small

Many people move because they outgrow      their home. New or already established couples may decide to move to a bigger house to accommodate a growing whole family. According to Global Citizen, people may also want to move to a bigger house closer to better schools, or in a more family-friendly and safer area. The best thing about moving to such a house is that you will stay there for a longer time.

2. Change in Pace

Another common reason why people move is when they need a change in pace. Tastes and preferences change over time, and what one may have once considered charming may now have become annoying. For instance, you may have chosen your current house because you loved the energy and opportunities of living in a big city, like Manhattan or L.A. While you may have been willing to live in a 1-bath apartment with no storage space and deal with constant noise and traffic, that lifestyle may no longer suit you. As people get older, many consider with “defecting” to the suburbs to for a slower lifestyle.

3. Change in Your Neighborhood

As cities expand, neighborhoods often go through periods of decline and resurgence. While you may have at one time loved your neighborhood, if you notice warning signs that your neighborhood is on the decline, you might want to get out before property values tank. Business Insider points out that the relocation of chain stores, increased property taxes, conversion of homes into multi-family units, and lots of for rent signs could all be signs that your neighborhood is deteriorating. People that spot these signs early enough may choose to pack up and leave for greener pastures.

4. Job Relocation

It’s very common for people to relocate to another city or state for a new job. However, landing a new job isn’t the only career related reason that can influence your decision to move. Heavy traffic and long commutes can be a reason for you to move closer to your place of work.

5. Relationship Changes

Sometimes a change in your relationship status can cause you to move. Whether you are moving in after getting married or you are picking up the pieces after terminating your marriage, such situations will require you to move to another home. Others will move to be closer to family after the birth of a child or during the illness of a loved one.

Although moving can be a hassle, there are lots of reasons it can be worth the stress and disruption. To have the best moving experience, view it as an exciting new beginning and chance to start afresh. If you need help managing the logistics of your move, you can find the best across country movers right here at


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