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Tips for Moving Cross Country with Your Furry Friends

Making a long distance move with a pet can be challenging. From coaxing them into a vehicle to making sure that they’re safe and comfortable during a move to helping them adjust to their new home, it takes a lot of preparation for a successful move with pets. If you’re considering your own cross country move with your beloved cat or dog, here are a few tips to ensure a good experience for both you and your furry friend. These tips from our experience, will help you along the way!

Consider a Microchip

Before you start your journey, consider the option of microchipping your pet. Traveling will most likely involve meeting new people and being in new environments, and your pet might experience anxiety and run off. Having your friend microchipped increases the chances of getting them returned to you safely, should they get lost.

Use a Collar

To keep your furry friend safe, you will need to place some kind of identification on them. Have your pet wear a collar with your name, your new address, phone number, rabies tag, and their own name printed on it. In case your pet does go missing or lost within the chaos of a move, a collar will keep them safe by providing information on how to return them back to you.

Make sure that your pet has proper tags on their collar before starting your move.

Invest in a Safe Carrier

Investing in a good pet carrier will keep your furry friend safe during a move. The carrier should be large enough for your pet to move or stretch in and should be made of durable material. Moving across the country in a car will be bumpy and full of movement, so it’s important that your pet is comfortable in their carrier during the ride.

Practice Car Travel

Before you move, help your pet become acclimated to riding in a vehicle. Start by making regular trips around your neighborhood with your pet in a car. This will help them get used to traveling and will reduce anxiety that they may have. Let your pet deposit some of his or her scents in your car, making them feel more at home on the day of the move.

Bring Health Documentation

When moving to a new state, it’s possible that the security staff at border stations will want to see your pet’s documentation. For this reason, make sure that your pet has current health documents and is up-to-date on any required vaccines.

Your pet should be vaccinated before traveling to a new state.

Book Pet-Friendly Hotels

Most people find themselves exhausted and ready for sleep after traveling for long hours during the day. And what could be worse than taking an additional two hours to search for a hotel that will allow pets? By booking a pet-friendly hotel in advance, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and frustration during a move.

Practice Using a Harness or Leash

If your pet hasn’t been on a harness or leash before, traveling could be a stressful experience. Try harness or leash training before you start your move, as this will help your pet ease into the process and become used to feeling a little restrained.

If your pet isn’t used to being on a leash, try practicing with them around the house.

Provide a Familiar Environment

As soon as you arrive at your new destination, make sure to get out your pet’s food and feeding dishes. Try placing food and water in their bowls, in order to make your pet feel more at home. If your pet has some toys, get them out and place them around the home. This will engage them and ward off uneasy feelings of being in an unfamiliar environment.
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