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Safety Tips for Loading, Driving, and Parking a Moving Truck

When it’s time to embark on a long-distance move, some of the most daunting tasks involve the moving truck. If you’re entirely unfamiliar with how to handle a moving vehicle, you’re in luck. Below, you will find safety tips and tricks for efficiently and properly utilizing your moving truck.

1. Clear the Pathway

Before you begin loading your moving truck, ensure that the path from the back of the vehicle into your home is clear. You don’t want to start moving a heavy load only to trip over something that you forgot to move out of your way. This misstep could cause serious physical injury to you or damage to your items.

2. Pack Items Tightly

Be sure to stack and pack things tightly into the back of the truck. Think of your belongings as a giant game of Tetris. Try to fill in the gaps and create stable, flat surfaces so that you can fully utilize the space in the truck and leave the items little room to slide, move, and jostle during the drive.

3. Read the Instructions

It’s essential that you familiarize yourself with all of the controls, knobs, buttons, levers, and pedals inside of the moving truck. There should be an instruction booklet to go with the vehicle, or you can ask U-Haul or your moving truck rental company to give you a detailed overview of the truck console.

4. Adjust the Side Mirrors

Keep in mind that moving trucks do NOT have rear view mirrors. Instead, once you get settled into the moving truck, adjust the seat, and buckle yourself in, be sure to set the side mirrors to your specifications so that you can drive safely to your new home.

5. Obey Traffic Laws

When operating a moving truck, always remember to obey posted traffic rules. Even in a truck, the law of not tailgating and remaining at least five car lengths behind the vehicle ahead of you still applies. Also keep in mind that because of how heavy a moving truck is, it brakes slower than a car so be sure to hit your brakes sooner than you would if you were driving a smaller vehicle. For the safety of everyone on the road, do not pass other cars or vehicles. Keep your patience, obey the road signs, and choose safety over speed.

6. Inquire About a Parking Permit

Parking your moving truck on private property doesn’t require a permit; however, if it blocks the sidewalk or any part of the road, which are considered public property, you may need to acquire a parking permit from your city.

7. Take Precautions When Parking Overnight

If you sleep overnight in a hotel with your moving truck, exercise caution against theft. Always park your moving truck under a light to deter thieves. Keep your truck parked close to your motel door and window to keep an eye on it. Back the truck up to a wall or a tree to make it difficult for thieves to open the back hatch.


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