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How to Plan a Long Distance Move to Hawaii with Pets

Getting ready to move is always a stressful process. When you add in a long-distance move over 2200 miles of ocean, a pet, and a state with strict animal importation laws, that stress only increases. Moving to Hawaii with pets requires a lot of planning.  Extra preparation is essential because Hawaii is the only rabies-free state in the country, which means it enforces strict animal quarantine laws to keep the islands safe. To make the move your pet must meet specific health requirements so that they can come with you. Following the steps below and preparing beforehand will make the process a whole lot easier for you and your pet.

Requirements for Moving with a Pet to Hawaii

As mentioned above, Hawaii enacted a quarantine program to prevent rabies from entering the state. For you to bring your pet along, it must meet the following health requirements:

  1. Rabies Vaccinations

To legally move with your pet, it needs two current rabies vaccinations. These vaccinations should be performed by a licensed vet at least 90 days, but not more than a year, before your pet arrives in Hawaii. Schedule the two rounds of vaccinations no more than 30 days apart.

  1. OIE-FAVN Blood Test

To complete testing, your vet must take an OIE-Fluorescent Antibody Serum Neutralization (OIE-FAVN) blood sample from your pets and have it sent to an approved lab to ensure they respond appropriately to the vaccine. This test must be done 120 days before arriving in Hawaii.

  1. Microchipping

Whether you have a cat or dog, you must have your pet microchipped before the OIE-FAVN blood test. This simple procedure is relatively painless, and will also help ensure the return of your pet if they get lost or stolen.

Hawaii Pet Quarantine Options

All pets immigrating to Hawaii must undergo one of two quarantine periods. Upon arrival to Honolulu, all pets are taken from the airport to a quarantine facility. How long your pet stays will depend on whether your pet has the right vaccinations and if you complete the correct paperwork.

Five-Day or Less

Your pet may qualify for the shorter quarantine program if it completes the required 120-day waiting period following the OIE-FAVN blood test before arrival in Hawaii. This program costs $224 per pet.

120-Day Quarantine

If your pet doesn’t complete a 120-day waiting period before the move, it is automatically checked into the more extended quarantine program. The cost for the 120-day program is $1080 per pet.

Military members moving as part of a PCS relocation may qualify for reimbursement of up to $550 for pet quarantine expenses.

Travel Preparations

To ensure the smoothest move for you and your pet, make sure you start prepping for your move to Hawaii at least six months beforehand. In addition to these Hawaii-specific tips, also check out our pet-friendly cross country moving tips. Proper preparation for your long distance move will help ensure your pet is comfortable and adapts more quickly to its new home in the Aloha State.

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