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Great Guys Long Distance Movers helps you find affordable piano moving and storage services with ease. Whether you’re looking to move a concert grand to a new venue, a small upright to your next home, or an organ out of a church building, we are here to help. Pianos and organs, though heavy instruments, are also delicate, and require extreme care when moving to ensure they continue to make beautiful music for years to come. To ensure the safety of your instrument during relocation, you should hire an experienced mover. To find the best professional piano movers near you, just input your info using the provided form. We’ll gather moving quotes from licensed and insured piano moving companies in your area so that you can find reliable help for less.

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Piano Moving Cost

Your piano might be a priceless antique passed down through the family for generations, or you might own a beautiful walnut Steinway grand that’s worth close to six-figures. No matter what type of piano you own, it’s undoubtedly a cherished item that you want to preserve and protect. Moving a piano is nerve-wracking for any piano owner – a mishap could spell disaster for your beloved instrument. When transporting these behemoths, it’s essential to have the proper tools and training to ensure the piano stays intact and that no one gets injured. While some owners may want to move the piano themselves, it’s smart to hire a professional moving company to do the work for you. Piano movers have specialized knowledge and know the correct handling techniques to ensure smooth disassembly, transport, and set-up. They also have the equipment (i.e., dollies, blankets, and straps), to make sure no one throws their back out during the move.


How Much Does it Cost to Move a Piano?

The cost to move your piano depends on several factors: the type of piano, its age, whether there are sets of stairs, and the distance you’re transporting it. Pianos range from 300-pound uprights to 1200-pound grands. The more substantial the piece, the more complicated, and thus more expensive the move. Age also plays a factor in piano moving costs. An antique piano is more fragile than a more recent model, requiring more attention to how the piano is disassembled, crated, and reassembled. Because of the difficulty with moving a piano up or down stairs, movers typically charge an additional fee for each set of stairs they encounter. Finally, distance plays a significant role in the total moving expense. In-town or local moves cost much less than an out-of-state relocation.


According to HomeAdvisor data, the average piano move costs just over $400. Great Guys helps you find trustworthy piano movers at excellent rates!

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Professional Piano Moving Services

Find a full-service piano mover to move your piano or organ safely. Many of our moving partners provide the following piano moving services:



Though most uprights don’t require disassembly, if you’re moving a baby or concert grand, taking it apart first is a must. A professional piano mover understands the proper techniques for disassembling these giant instruments. They’ll carefully remove and separately wrap the piano lid, pedals, lyre, music rack, and legs to ensure these parts aren’t snapped off during the move.


Piano Moving Equipment

Though many pianos sit on tiny wheel casters, you never want to attempt rolling the piano on them. Because of the weight bearing down on each of them, these little wheels could dig into your hardwood floors or destroy your carpet. Piano movers come equipped with a piano dolly that safely transports your piano without leaving streaks behind. Additionally, they have the padding and blankets to ensure they pack your instrument securely for the journey ahead.


Piano and Organ Moving

From upright pianos to organs, no instrument is too big for a professional mover. Great Guys Movers helps you find reliable piano and organ movers who carry valid licensing and insurance. These relocation crews take the time to disassemble your piano, carefully wrap each piece, transport it to the truck, and secure it for transit. Once at your destination, they’ll reassemble it, so it’s ready for tuning.


Piano Storage

If your home is undergoing renovations, or you don’t currently have space for your prized piano, then use Great Guys to find piano storage. Several moving and storage companies offer climate-controlled storage spaces ideal for safely storing your instrument while not in use.


Local Piano Movers

Moving your piano across town is easy enough with a local piano mover. We let you search for piano moving companies near you for a cheap, short distance move.


Cross Country Piano Movers

If you’re moving to a new state but want to take your piano with you, Great Guys can assist! Several long-distance moving companies specialize in piano moving and can easily transport your piano as part of your household goods move.


Piano Reassembly

Once your piano is to its destination safely, the moving team works to reassemble it exactly where you’d like it to go. Once your piano is in place and set-up, it’ll be ready to tune and start playing once again.


To find trusted piano movers in your area, call Great Guys Movers ( today! We make it easy to find legitimate moving companies at a low cost.

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