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How to Pack Artwork for Moving and Storage

The ideal place to showcase your artwork is on your wall. However, there may come a time when you must move and store some of your collection. The process of storing artwork differs significantly from storing other household items and furniture. First, you must find a safe place or a secure self-storage facility with 24/7 surveillance. Then, you must prepare your precious pieces for both the move and storage occupancy. Let’s explore proper artwork storage below.

Pre-Packing Cleaning

Before you begin packing away your art pieces, careful cleaning is essential to maximize protection. Use a clean microfiber cloth to remove the dust from all surfaces. Primarily focus on cleaning paint and fabric components. Hardware and frames should also be cleaned during this time. Metal objects are bound to last longer when oil is applied to avoid rust formation. You can clean wood frames with furniture polish. Just take care not to get oil or polish on the art itself.

Proper Packing

Wear white gloves when packing artwork, as your skin oils can discolor and ruin some artwork. Framed art pieces should be wrapped tightly with storage blankets or bubble wrap, with packing tape to seal them. Unframed art pieces should be covered with sheets of silicone release paper on the front of the canvas and wrapped in glassine paper. Regardless of whether the artwork is framed, you should pad it between pieces of cardboard for additional support and protection.

Climate Control

Changes in humidity and temperature wreak havoc on a canvas, causing it to stretch or tighten. Additionally, exposure to these changes can lead to paint flaking and mold growth. If you are storing your artwork at home or another safe place, ensure that the room’s temperature and humidity are consistent. Ideally, this will be about 55% humidity and 70 degrees. The storage facility should be able to inform you of its climate control settings.

Ideal Locations

When storing artwork, there are plenty of areas that you should avoid including attics, basements, concrete floors or walls, and direct sunlight. Damp or dry conditions are likely to damage the art pieces, while placing it on the floor may make it more likely to absorb dampness. Sunlight and heat can also have a significant impact, causing fading as well as peeling. Also, ensure that you have a space ample enough to lay the artwork flat to prevent sagging.

When you are faced with life changes that require you to pack and store your artwork, proper packing ensures that your pieces are protected and preserved for future use. Take the time to get the right packing supplies and carefully research where to store your pictures before moving day. If you find you need assistance with packing or boxing your art, call Great Guys Long Distance Movers. Our interstate moving professionals specialize in a full range of moving services, including packing, storage, and car transport. At Great Guys, our goal is to make your art moving and storage experience seamless.


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