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5 Clever Ways to Use Plastic Wrap for Moving

One of the life events that adults dread most is the process of packing up boxes when it is time to move. If you’re wondering how you’ll get everything packed in time for moving across the country, rest assured that there are several hacks to make this chore easier. One of our favorite hacks is using a plastic moving wrap. When you are planning your move, grab a few rolls of plastic wrap to put these five clever tricks into practice. You will be amazed how handy this tool is for simplifying your move:

1. Keep Furniture Drawers Closed

Bulky items of furniture like dressers, file cabinets, and side tables do not require a box. So, unless secured, the drawers are likely to slide out in transit, possibly damaging other nearby items. Securing drawers with tape leaves a sticky residue and can permanently damage the wood finish or paint job. Instead, wrap your drawers with tight layers of plastic wrap to keep them shut and ensure a smooth transition between locations.

2. Keep Upholstery Clean and Dry

Moving is an unpredictable venture. A snowy or rainy move day, an accidentally spilled beverage, or a bird with lousy timing puts your uncovered furniture at risk of staining and moisture. Covering your upholstered items in plastic wrap makes them waterproof and stain proof, so all the furniture makes it to your destination in pristine condition.

3. Bundle Items Together

Not all items go into neat little packages or fit tidily into boxes. There are always those few awkward items that are difficult to move. Make your odd shaped things easier to transport by using plastic wrap. That rug that won’t stay rolled up is much easier to move when wrapped. Oblong items, like table legs that seem silly to transport individually, can be neatly bundled with plastic wrap for efficiency.

4. Keep Liquids From Spilling

One of the trickiest parts of moving is carrying containers full of liquid safely from point A to point B. Half full bottles of paint, cosmetics, beauty products and cleaning fluids are all items that seem wasteful to discard before a move, but a spill could be catastrophic. Ease your mind by wrapping any liquids in plastic wrap before tightly packing them in a box. If by chance a lid is not screwed on all the way or a bottle is accidentally punctured, the plastic wrapping contains the spill.

5. Contain Broken Glass

As carefully as you pad and wrap your glass items, there is still the occasional broken glass. A mess of glass shards can be quite dangerous to clean up, and it is all too easy to miss the smaller pieces. Avoid loose glass by smoothing a sheet of plastic wrap over the entirety of each piece of glass you are transporting. By using this method with picture frames, curio cabinets, and drinkware, you can safely discard the shards of glass if anything gets broken.

If you have a move coming up, add plastic wrap to your list of essential moving materials. These five clever tricks will help make your move easier and fuss-free.

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