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Cheapest Ways to Move Across the Country

In general, moving can be expensive and stressful, and moving across the country only heightens the burden. Here are a few tips to help make the move a bit easier on your finances and your nerves.

Do Your Research and Budget for Your Move

Before you begin the packing process, it is probably best to do a bit of research about your soon-to-be new home. Prices for things can differ significantly from one place to the next, especially across the country. Not only should you consider the difference between hiring a moving company in your current town versus your new city, but you should also look up basics on the cost of living, such as the cost of utilities, rent, and housing prices. Considering these costs now will help you better plan for, budget for, and save money on your upcoming move.

Decide What You Want to Keep

Packing can be a pain, especially when moving long distance. To save yourself future headaches and cut down on the cost of your move, start by decluttering before you pack. Now is the best time to get rid of all the unnecessary stuff you no longer want or need. Decide what you intend to take with you and what you are willing to part with. A few questions to ask yourself as you analyze include:

  • Do you intend to buy new furniture once you move?
  • Are you downsizing or upsizing?
  • Do you really need those old magazines that are just lying around?
  • What clothing no longer fits or is out of style?

By cleaning out, you can cut down on the things you are taking with you when you move, saving you space, time, and money. Read more tips for staying organized while you pack for an interstate move.

Everyone Loves a Discount

Often, cross-country moving companies will offer coupons to customers, and they might even have sales during certain times of the year. Check to see if local moving companies are offering any discounts and be sure to compare long distance moving rates. This can help you save money on hiring professionals to do all the hard work of moving for you!

Use Your Own Vehicle

If you are a family moving across the country with several vehicles, it might be wise to pack as much as possible—if not all—of your belongings into the vehicles. This could help you save money on a moving company. If you are able, you can rent a truck and trailer to move. This is also cheaper than a moving company because you rent by the day and not the hour. Companies that rent out trucks and trailers will sometimes offer sales and coupons as well, which could even double your savings for the big move.

Pack Tight

Boxes can be expensive if you must buy them. Check with local grocery stores, restaurants, and sales stores to see if they could give you a few of their boxes. Usually, these are free, and most people are willing to help. Once you get your boxes, try to pack as tightly as possible. This can save you space, which might help save money during your move. If you have fewer boxes, you might be able to carry them all in your own vehicle. Then, hiring moving company would not be necessary.


Moving is a bittersweet time for most people, but the stress of expenses and the move can be overwhelming. It is possible to save a great deal of money when moving across the country, however. The internet is full of DIY tips to help with that big move that you are facing. There’s no need to be worried about the finances of moving! To really get a better idea of the costs associated with your long distance move, get a free moving quote from cheap movers today at

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