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Most Popular State to State Moving Routes

The movement and migration of people all over the US is nothing new – after all, about 12% of the population moves every year. However, did you know that right now, there is an interesting and very notable trend in people moving from the North to the South in the US? Data released by the US Census Bureau has consistently shown a rise in population since 2010 in certain southern states that is far above that of any other region of the US.

So, what exactly is the reason for this southerly migration that we continue to see? While broader, more general reasons are not exactly clear or agreed upon, one can look at some of the actual states that are garnering so much attention to find some answers. Let’s review why so many people are moving to the popular states of Texas, Florida, and Colorado.


Per expert guidance, it requires a perfect combination of factors to draw the masses like Texas does. In 2016, an average of 345 people moved to Texas every day, meaning more people moved there than any other state in the Union. The major reasons people want to move to the Lone Star State? A strong economy, great job opportunities, low cost of living, and affordable real estate are just a few reasons. It also helps that Texas has a variety of scenery and several major metropolitan areas.

Popular Moving Routes

To get to Texas from the North, most people follow Interstate 35 into the central part of the state. From the East, Interstate 30 approaches from Arkansas while Interstate 20 enters by way of Louisiana. From the West, most move here via Interstate 40 or 25, which both approach through New Mexico.


Florida has long tempted those to the North with warmer weather, water, sunshine, and that ideal retirement or getaway experience. Now, more than ever, people are moving here for these reasons and more. Economy, white-collar job abundance, and no state income tax rates are some of the additional, tempting lures now drawing people to the Sunshine State according to Politifact.

Popular Moving Routes

Coming here by land from the South is not an option. However, most traffic to Florida, from North to South, comes by way of Interstate 95, the connector of virtually everywhere on the East Coast. Interstate 75 also comes into the state from the North. To get here from the West, movers almost always use Interstate 10 via the state’s so-called “pan-handle”.


Even though Colorado is not a state that one would normally consider a “southern state”, is has recently drawn many people from more northern states. In addition to breathtaking scenery and lots of opportunities for outdoor adventuring (skiing, hiking, fishing, kayaking, and more!), Colorado now also draws people because of its recent legalization of marijuana. This may have contributed to the fact that Denver saw a
population increase of over 100,000 people in the short span of a year. The state also has low unemployment, good job opportunities, high quality of life, less pollution, and less crime when compared to other parts of the country.

Popular Moving Routes

So, how is everyone getting here? The most common land routes into the state are those of Interstate 70 and 25. Interstate 70 is the East/West route that goes almost all the way to the eastern shore of the US. Route 25 gives North/South access directly through Wyoming and New Mexico.

The migration from North to South is undoubtedly in full swing in the US right now. Do you have the itch to make your own long distance move to somewhere different, cheaper, or more exciting? Get an interstate moving quote to see how much your move will cost –

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