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Looking to Book a Last Minute, Out of State Move? Read This!

Moving is a common experience, as studies show that roughly twelve percent of the population will move in any given year. While any move is difficult, making a long distance move at the last minute is even more challenging. When preparing for a last minute move, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Contact the Utilities

When moving quickly, it’s important to ensure that all of your utilities and billing are taken care of. You need to make sure that your utilities are shut off and terminated as soon as possible once you’re out of the house. Take some time to contact every company that you use, and inform them when you’re leaving so that you’re not responsible for any future bills. Also make sure you switch utilities on at the new house right before your move-in date so you have basics like water and electricity when you arrive.

Stay on top of your to-do list by contacting your utilities companies.

Stay on top of your to-do list by contacting your utilities companies.

Book a Mover

Once you’ve realized you need to move out of state fast, you need to find a last minute moving company. Finding a last minute mover is often done by setting aside some time to speak to at least three moving companies. Get recommendations from friends and relatives. If you have moved in the past, many companies will be happy to work with you again on a second move.

Get Moving Insurance

Anyone who is moving out of state should make sure they have mover’s insurance, in case anything gets damaged during the move. Moving last minute could mean items getting easily damaged, and having enough mover’s insurance can help pay for any damages that might happen during this time.

Gather Essential Documents

After booking a mover, make sure that you store all documents in a safe and secure space. Include documents such as a social security cards, school records, medical records, and the latest tax return that you filed. Make sure this is done for all members of the family that are moving with you, animals included.

Store all important documents for safe keeping during your move.

Store all important documents for safe keeping during your move.

Get Everything Packed

Packing is another task that needs to be done fast. If you’re only moving a few things, grab a few boxes from your local grocery store. If you’re moving more things, you’ll need to buy moving supplies in order to get organized. Create a master list of items you’ve packed, so that you know where everything is once you’ve boxed it up. Use specific color for each type of item, for example, marking boxes with kitchenware in all blue or living room items in yellow.

Plan for Kids and Pets

Taking on a last minute move with children or pets could add to the stress of moving since there are additional family members to account for. If you’re moving with pets, at a minimum, make sure that you have all vet records on hand. Make the move faster letting kids participate and help out with the move. Even young children can help by packing up their own items. Older kids can help be involved with small aspects of the move from start to finish. Finally, have a plan to keep small children and pets out of the way on moving day, by enlisting the help of friends or family.

Even a last minute move is manageable with a little fast planning and the help of professional moving experts on your side! Find movers you can trust today with

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