Moving across town or just down the street may seem like a cake-walk when compared to moving across the country, but in reality, it can be just as stressful. Here are some practical tips for successfully completing your next in-town move:

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De-Clutter & Donate

Take the time to de-clutter your current home rather than hauling every last thing with you to your new place. A good rule of thumb when going through closets and drawers – if you haven’t worn or used it within the last year, you can safely get rid of it. You probably already know where the closest Goodwill is, so why not donate your retired belongings to a good cause while you’re at it (and reap the tax benefits of being a good Samaritan).

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Organize, Label, & Box

Whether you decide to pack your boxes yourself our hire a full service mover, make sure all of your boxes are clearly labeled with the contents and the room for which they are destined. This makes life much easier when you arrive at your new place to unpack – your movers know where the boxes should go, and you know where the essentials are that need to be unboxed first. While they are a bit pricier than cardboard boxes, clear plastic moving bins are a great way to keep things waterproof (in case it rains while you’re moving), organized, and visible. Even better, they work great for throwing extra things in the attic.

Clean, Clean, Clean

While we you hope that the previous tenant or owner cleaned like they were supposed to, chances are they weren’t as concerned with getting the place spotless as they were with getting all their stuff out in time. It’s a good idea to go do your own cleaning of spaces like the bathroom and kitchen before the movers arrive, so you feel like you can start unpacking right away.

Move The Closet

Since you are moving locally, you may not want to completely disassemble your closet. Keep clothes on the hangers and wrap in groups of about 10-15 articles of clothing. Wrap with a garbage bag around each group and voila, a water/dirt-resistant and easy way to move your closet without having to rehang all of your garments.

Lights, Power, Water

Make sure you cut off or transfer all of your utilities prior to your move. You don’t want the next owner or renter benefitting from your account and racking up the bill, and you’ll want to be sure the water and electric are turned on in your new place.

Furniture Assembly

Many furniture moving companies include assembly in their price quote. Before the move, give some thought to where you would like big items located. If you have a plan in mind, the movers can easily reassemble bulky furniture like your bed, making your move that much easier.

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