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How to Load a Moving Truck with Furniture

Cheapest Way to Move Furniture Across the Country

The most affordable way to move furniture and other belongings across the country is to do it yourself. This method means packing the boxes, loading the moving truck, and securing the furniture on your own. While you can pack a moving vehicle in different ways, professional movers follow specific guidelines. Make your move easier by doing what the pros do.

Purchase the Right Supplies

The equipment required to load furniture depends on the size and type of your belongings. It includes hand trucks, dollies and forearm forklifts. Basic supplies needed consist of paper packing tape, furniture covers, stretch wrap, rubber bands, and furniture pads. You’ll also want to acquire rope and cargo straps to help secure furnishings.

Where to Buy Furniture Moving Blankets and Supplies

You can obtain moving supplies and equipment at home improvement stores and truck rental facilities. You can also order blankets and pack supplies online. Try the following resources:

  • Harbor Freight
  • Home Depot
  • Lowe’s
  • Amazon
  • USCargoControl
  • U-Haul

Make Sure the Ramp is Safe

Before you get started, the ramp on the moving truck must be completely engaged. Ensure that the ramp is dry and clean of debris. Depending on the ramp’s condition, you might want to cover it with non-stick matting.

General Loading Guidelines

While loading, make sure that you distribute the weight of all furnishings evenly from side to side and back to front. Pack your furniture in independently secured and self-contained layers. This step helps prevent damage from items rubbing or hitting each other. For an extra level of protection, cover all exposed surfaces with blanket pads. Use plastic moving wrap and blankets for fragile items.

Organizing the Loading Space

If you’re loading boxes as well, layer them first. Stack them against the truck’s back wall to maximize space. The heaviest ones go on the bottom, the most fragile and lightest on top. Place a blanket pad on the truck floor and place any mattresses and box springs vertically. Tuck loose items that contain glass or mirrored surfaces between the mattresses and secure them.

Place an additional blanket pad on the bottom, and load sofas and sectionals vertically with the feet facing the side wall. If these have any pillows or cushions, remove them beforehand and use them to pad empty spaces. You can also place dressers in between. Follow up with another layer of furniture, adequately covered in plastic or pads, and secure them to the sidewall. Load wardrobe boxes and appliances last.

Guidelines for Specific Furniture

Even when you wrap your items well, don’t load metal pieces close to furniture because the material can tear through the packaging during transport. Additionally, some standard household furnishings require special procedures:

  • Secure drawers with rubber bands and load them facing the side wall.
  • Never place flat screen TVs on their backs or sides.
  • Wrap the legs of chairs individually before packaging the whole chair.
  • Secure hideaway beds with straps to keep the metal insert from popping out.
  • Place pads inside aquariums, cushion the outside and stretch-wrap the whole tank.
  • Remove the clock weights from grandfather clocks, label and wrap pendulums and package the whole piece in blanket pads or plastic.

To make moving furniture across the country as affordable as possible, shop around. Compare truck rental prices and don’t count out different options. Compare your long distance moving options today with Great Guys Moving: greatguyslongdistancemovers.com


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