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How to Advertise and Organize a Pre-Moving Garage Sale

Relocating to a new home is an ideal opportunity to get organized. By decluttering before your move, you’ll save space in the moving truck or cut down on your long distance moving costs. A pre-move garage sale will also give you the opportunity to earn some extra cash to help cover your moving expenses. Follow these four simple steps to yard sale success:

1. Determine What You Need

The best way to let go of what you don’t need is to consider what you do need. Katie Paul, professional organizer and founder of Sunshine Organizing, says, “Getting organized is not really just about the stuff. Getting organized is about changing your relationship to your stuff. If you can discover what is truly important to you, then you can make decisions about your possessions that will support the life you want to live.”

Once you’ve established your priorities, it will be easier to let go of items that no longer support your new life in your new home. Go through your rooms, including closets, bookcases, and drawers, and collect unneeded items. Then bring them into a single room with adequate space for sorting.

2. Decide What You Can Sell

One man’s trash is not always another man’s treasure. Some things are not worth the effort of trying to sell. When you sort through the items you have collected, make sure you have some sturdy trash bags on hand. You’ll want to throw away or recycle:

• clothes that are torn or badly stained
• books without covers or with excess water damage
• broken toys
• non-functioning electronics

Once you’ve “taken out the trash,” you’ll know what you can sell – everything that remains.

3. Group and Price Your Sale Items

Affixing a price tag to individual items is time-consuming, so you may want to group your items for sale and price them accordingly. For example, you might put all your books in cardboard boxes labeled, “Paperbacks – 50 cents; hardbacks – $2.” Or you might hang all your t-shirts on a coat rack with a sign that reads “$1 per shirt.”

You’ll often have a better chance of selling items if you present them as a package deal. You could try to sell your son’s old Disney cars for 50 cents each, but if you put all twenty in a large Ziplock bag and price it for $5, you’ll have a better chance of getting rid of them in one fell swoop. Sometimes, it’s better to sell a lot of things at a low price than a few things at a higher rate and find yourself with unwanted garage sale leftovers.

4. Advertise Your Sale

All the organizing and grouping in the world won’t do you any good if nobody knows about your sale. There are numerous ways to advertise a garage sale:

• Put a listing on the yard sale section of Craigslist
• Submit an announcement to your community newsletter or the yard sale section of your community website
• Check for Facebook groups that advertise yard sales in your area
• Make signs and post them throughout the neighborhood

With these tips, you’ll be organized and ready for a successful yard sale. After the sale, consider donating your leftover items to a local charity instead of hauling them with you to your next home. Whether you’re moving a short distance or across the country, you’ll be glad you got rid of the extra clutter before moving day! If you’re still searching for reliable movers, let Great Guys Moving help you find licensed, insured, and trustworthy pros!


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