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How to Move a Pool Table | Best Tips from Professional Movers

One of the most enjoyable home entertainment items you can own is a pool table. While a pool table can offer you and your family hours of entertainment, it can also create hours of headaches frustration when it comes time to move it. Luckily, there are some smart tips that you can utilize the next time you need to move your pool table. Whether you’re moving your prized table into another room or moving it into a new house, use these tips from the professional pool table movers:

1. Begin the Breakdown

The first step to moving a pool table is to disassemble it piece by piece. This step is essential as pool tables are incredibly heavy; the average table weighs between 650-900 pounds. Most pool tables are built to last decades and constructed from dense wood and heavy slate.

Moving a fully assembled pool table is sure to cause not only physical injury but could also cause damage to your home, (i.e., walls and floors) and the table itself. Breaking the table down into smaller, more manageable parts allows you to cart the table off in pieces with more ease.

2. Save the Felt

One of the most delicate components of a pool table is the felt lining that sits on top of the slate. This part is one of the easiest to damage during the moving process because it is delicate and requires perfect tautness to ensure a great game of pool. Removing the felt is optional, but if you don’t feel like purchasing a new felt lining replacement, this is a great way to save money.

3. Protect the Merchandise

Once you disassemble your pool table into its many pieces, those pieces become more vulnerable to damage. Scratches, dents, and marks are the most common types of accidents that occur when transporting your pool table. To prevent harm during the moving process, be sure to protect each piece by wrapping it in cloth or bubble wrap.

4. Make Room Beforehand

Pool table pieces are heavy, so you’ll want to set them down immediately upon arriving at the destination. It is wise to clear both a pathway and a large enough space to reassemble the table ahead of time.

5. Bring Friends & Equipment

You might feel tempted to try to move the pool table by yourself. Don’t do it. You could drop and damage the pool table pieces. Worse than that, you could cause yourself a severe physical injury. Always ask some friends to come over to help, and make sure you have the right equipment on hand.

To make moving the pool table easier on and safer for everyone, use the right tools for the job. Wooden dollies on wheels and hand trucks are the best and most sturdy moving tools you can find to move your pool table pieces. The hand truck allows you to move the pieces up flights of stairs while the wooden dolly will work best on one level.

With these tips, hopefully, your pool table relocation goes off without a hitch. If you’d rather trust your move to the professionals, however, we understand! Request a free pool table moving quote from local and cross-country moving companies that are licensed and insured to help you move at greatguyslongdistancemovers.com.


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