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How to Move a Hot Tub or Spa – Step-by-Step Moving Tips

Hot tubs are an excellent amenity for homes, apartment buildings, and condos. While the warm waters of a spa are an ideal place to relax and rewind after a long day, it is difficult to move a hot tub from one location to another. The following guide provides simple tips and tricks on how to relocate a hot tub or jacuzzi.

1. Drain All the Water

When getting ready to move a hot tub or spa, it’s imperative first to remove all water. In addition to the water in the tub, most hot tubs also have up to 20 gallons of water hidden in internal piping, filters, and water heating systems. Since a gallon of water weighs eight pounds, this extra weight can add up quickly.

To thoroughly flush all the piping for a hot tub, open both the drain on the bottom of the hot tub and the one found at the bottom of the piping system. In most cases, spas will have a small panel that allows users easy access to the plumbing for the tub. This plumbing often has a little plug at the lowest point that enables it to drain thoroughly.

2. Remove Excess Weight

After you empty the hot tub, it’s time to make it as light as possible. If the panels on the side of a hot tub are removable, make sure to take them off and store them carefully. Don’t transport a hot tub with a hard cover on it. In many cases, a cover can weigh as much as 140 pounds. This can make transportation of this cumbersome item even more difficult.

3. Check for Damage

Once you remove all the extra weight from a hot tub, it’s time to check it for any damage that could cause problems during a move. If the wood or metal casing for a hot tub is damaged, it may be liable to break while being moved. Repair any damage before attempting to transport the spa. By failing to repair the damage, a small crack in the housing of a hot tub could grow into a large fissure, which increases the risk of splintering.

4. Reinforce the Tub

Newer hot tubs usually have a robust design. This characteristic helps to reduce the risk of damage during moving. However, older units may need reinforcement before a move. The best way to reinforce a hot tub is by using wooden pallets. An oversized pallet can ensure that a hot tub base doesn’t get damaged during the moving process.

5. Get Help

When moving a hot tub, make sure to have several friends available or hire a hot tub mover, if possible. Try to avoid picking up a hot tub from any side at one time. Instead, lift the spa from at all four corners at once. Trying to raise one side of a hot tub can result in substantial damage to the base. If a hot tub is too heavy to pick up, it may be possible to slide it on a flat piece of wood. In many cases, this can reduce the risk of damage to the hot tub caused by shifting movement of the base.

Most important of all, it’s critical to make sure that the base of a hot tub doesn’t shift about the top of the tub. This shift can increase the risk of cracks in the fiberglass tub. Small cracks in fiberglass can often grow worse over time, increasing the risk of catastrophic failure in the future.

By following these tips, you’ll have an easier time moving your hot tub or spa. Of, course, it’s always best to call in professional help for this type of move. To find cheap moving companies that handle hot tub moves in your area, request a quote now through Great Guys!


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