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How to Move a Flat Screen TV Without Breaking It

Most things in your home are easy to pack up and move. You put clothes in boxes, pack dishes with padding, and pick up couches and move them as they are. But transporting a flat-screen TV is sometimes a bit more confusing and complicated. However, with a little planning and some help, you can quickly move your flat screen TV.

1. Take a couple of photos

Before you do anything else, take pictures of how the TV is mounted on the wall and of the various cables connecting devices to the TV. This step will help you later when you’re remounting it and trying to reconnect everything. Label cables with color-coded tape or labels for easy reconnection later.

2. Dismount it from the wall

Most flat screens are mounted on the wall with a few screws and a unique mount. Ask a friend or relative to assist you with this part, as you will find it very difficult to remove the screws and hold the TV at the same time. Use a screwdriver or drill to remove the screws from the wall and gently lower the TV to the floor. Place the screws in a sealable bag and label them. Look at the back of the TV to see how it attaches to the mount: some screw on; others slide on. If your TV screws on, remove those screws as well. Place these in another sealable bag and label them, too. Otherwise, push the mount to remove it from the TV.

3. Box it up

Tape the bags of screws to the back of the television, so you don’t lose them. If you have the TV’s original box, that would be ideal. Otherwise, you can purchase a heavy-duty box designed for flat screen TVs. Wrap the TV in a soft blanket for padding, making sure it is secure but doesn’t touch the TV directly. Always keep it upright to avoid damaging the screen.

4. Transport it to your new home

Continuing to keep the box upright, have a partner help you load it onto the moving truck or another vehicle. If you’re moving a short distance using personal vehicles, the backseat of your car may be the safest place for it. If you’re using a moving truck, place it upright between flat, sturdy pieces of furniture, such as dressers or bookcases. Setting it between two mattresses is perfect, but make sure wherever you place it, it can’t shift, fall, or have something else land on it.

5. Reassemble

Take the TV from the box, remove the bags of screws. Reattach the TV to the mount, and, with the help of a friend or relative, mount it on the wall. Use the photos you took earlier to reconnect the various cables to their appropriate locations.

With proper care and packing, you can have your TV moved and set up quickly. Having a working TV makes relaxing at the end of a long, hard day of moving and unpacking much easier.

Would you rather let the professionals take care of all the packing, boxing, heavy-lifting, unloading, and everything else? Spend your time watching the TV instead of packing your TV by hiring a moving company you can both trust and afford. Get started –

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