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How to Move a Washing Machine – A Step-by-Step Guide

Washing machines are expensive, so you’ll want to take care when moving yours to your next home. Follow these steps from our professional appliance movers to ensure your washer will work after you relocate it:

1. Make Sure It’s Empty

The first thing you’ll want to do is make sure that the washing machine is empty before you prepare to move it. The last thing you want to find at the end of a long move is a bunch of mildew-ridden clothes still sitting in the drum of the washer.

2. Disconnect the Water and Electricity

Next, you’ll want to turn off the water supply. To do so, just turn the water supply valves clockwise. Next, turn off the power to your washing machine by flipping the electric breaker for that outlet. Now you’ll be able to unplug your washing machine safely.

3. Disconnect the Water Supply Hose

Once you finish the previous steps, disconnect the water supply hose from the external valve. These valves usually attach to the wall behind your washing machine. Be sure to unplug the wall valves first before detaching the valve connected to your washing machine. Turn the hose to the left. If you find they are too tight to disconnect, then use a pair of pliers to help with the process.

4. Install Transit Bolts

Don’t move your washing machine without installing transit bolts. These bolts are essential to transporting the appliance securely as they keep the tub from moving around during transit. If you don’t insert the screws correctly, it could result in damage to the machine’s drum suspension or lead to motor failure. By installing the washing machine transit bolts securely and accurately, you can ensure that you’ll be preventing damage.

The instructions for installing washing machine transit bolts vary by washer make and model. Refer to your machine’s manual for instructions. If you no longer have the transit bolts for your washer, order new bolts from the manufacturer. Make sure to remove the washing machine transit bolts once your move is complete. If you accidentally leave them in, they can cause damage to your machine when you start the next wash cycle.

5. Use Plastic Wrapping to Protect the Machine

Once you install the transit bolts, wrap the entire washing machine with protective movers’ wrap before moving it. If you’ve hired professionals to move the washing machine, they will cover the appliance for you.

6. Get Help with Moving

If you aren’t hiring movers, ask a friend or family member to help you with moving the washing machine.

When you’re ready to move the washing machine, you’ll want to begin by sliding it away from the wall. When there’s enough space, you’ll want to gradually tip the washer backward until you have enough space to push your appliance dolly underneath. Strap the machine down to the trolley to make it secure as you roll it to the moving truck. Once on the truck, make sure the washer is secure for transit.

7. Re-Install the Washer

After you arrive at your destination with the washing machine, make sure to remove the transit bolts. Next, you’ll want to plug the washer in and connect the hoses to it. Lastly, be sure to level the washing machine before running a load.


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