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How Shipping Wars Transformed Uship Into a Household Name

Who doesn’t love watching a good drama-filled reality TV series? People today eagerly anticipate watching their favorite shows each week, excited to see a ridiculous plot or storyline develop that will eventually cause chaos. For those of you who are obsessed with watching reality TV regularly, you’ll understand the power of influence a show can have on its devoted viewers.

This is especially true for the popular A&E series Shipping Wars and its partnership with the long-distance mover, uShip. Shipping Wars stars uShip transport drivers who battle it out to win jobs moving the most unusual and outlandish items. Here we’ll take a look at how playing a starring role on prime time TV helped transform uShip into a household name.

Inside Connection

It’s no coincidence that A&E chose uShip to start a new reality TV series. The idea of Shipping Wars came from a Megalomedia producer who shared offices with uShip during the company’s initial start-up phase. The producer observed firsthand uShip’s tremendous growth, interesting staff, and bevy of unusual jobs. He lobbied for the company to be featured on a reality TV show and made a series pitch to A&E, knowing that the show would  air internationally and create brand awareness for the shipping company. Since A&E had a good business relationship with Megalomedia, the pitch was accepted, and uShip was then launched into show business.

Appearing on television allowed uShip to gain more public attention.

Raised Awareness

Getting featured on Shipping Wars caused the company’s name to spread like wildfire. Fans of the show began checking out uShip’s website and following the young start-up on social media. What started as a small company in Austin suddenly had a national audience practically overnight. The show not only boosted company sales, but employee morale. The sudden popularity motivated uShip’s team to work harder and to make more improvements to their system of shipping.

International Exposure

Shipping Wars was debuted on air in the U.S., as well as Latin America, and now even has a UK series. All the international exposure really helped the company grow into the multinational corporation it is today. Viewers around the globe saw uShip as a cool and interesting moving company that was able to tackle seemingly impossible tasks. From regular household moves, to moving a fleet of exotically painted giraffes, the show demonstrated that the shippers at uShip can move just about anything they set their minds to. The televised feats of America’s best shippers gained the company not only trust, but admiration.

Appearing on Shipping Wars was enormously success for uShip and is a real testament to the power of media influence. It seems that uShip is poised to continue scaling for years to come!

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