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Whether you have a whole house full of furniture that needs to be moved to a storage unit or just a single heavy item to relocate, you could probably use a few extra sets of hands to do the job! Great Guys helps you track down furniture moving companies near you, so you don’t have to wrestle that couch down the stairs or break your back trying to lift your armoire.

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We know someone who can help! Tap into the Great Guys Moving network and find reliable assistance from licensed moving companies in your neck of the woods. Our movers offer the following services:

Rearranging and In-Home Movers

Feeling the itch to re-arrange your furniture? Moving a 350-pound sofa bed upstairs to your guest room or the grand piano to the other side of the house might sound like impossible tasks on your own, but with the help of professional furniture movers, rearranging is a snap! Hire an in-house furniture mover, and they’ll send a team and equipment to help you safely and quickly reorder your home.

Packing and Wrapping

The last thing you want is to unload the moving truck only to find the legs snapped off your coffee table or the leather couch with a huge rip. Ensuring you pack your furniture correctly is essential to its functionality in your next home. Find pros to tackle the job of packing and wrapping your items for you. They’ll start by disassembling table legs, bed frames, and other vulnerable pieces, bagging the parts for easy reassembly. Then, the moving crew will work to wrap each item in moving blankets or furniture pads, securing the protective coverings with professional-grade stretch wrap. This step keeps wooden furniture from getting scratched, and your upholstered items smudge- and dirt-free.

Moving & Hauling

A furniture moving service often handles local furniture delivery as well as long-distance moves. Movers take care loading your items on the truck, securing them as needed to make sure nothing falls or shifts in transit. Once the shipment arrives at the destination, your movers will work quickly to reassemble any pieces they took apart. Then, they’ll work to position furniture according to your floorplan.

Furniture Storage

Whether you’re hanging onto a few family heirlooms to pass down to your kids or you’ve run out of space for everything, you can find furniture storage quickly and easily with Great Guys. Most moving companies offer storage services for your furniture and other household items but comparing rates on portable containers is a fantastic way to go too!

Interstate Furniture Movers

Wondering the best way to move your furniture long distance? While you might think that renting a truck and driving it yourself is the way to go, you could be pleasantly surprised at the affordability of a professional cross-country mover. It’s a relief to knowing you can hire a moving company to do all the lifting and drive for you.

Local Moving

Are you looking for the cheapest way to move your furniture locally? Hire an in-town moving company by the hour, and you won’t have to hassle with finding a truck, renting equipment and moving straps, or badgering your friends and family to help you.

Office Furniture

That 1000-pound conference table and those rows upon rows of cubicles aren’t going to move themselves. Instead of putting your unfortunate interns on the job, hire professional moving help to ensure your pricey furniture & equipment survives the relocation in one-piece. Great Guys connects you with movers who specialize in commercial moving, making your business relocation seamless!

Antiques & Vintage Furniture

Antiques are not only priceless, but they’re typically irreplaceable, which means you need to handle them with care. If you want to keep your items in tip-top shape during transport, then hire a professional antique shipping company to do all the tedious dismantling, wrapping, and crating of your precious pieces. As antique moving specialists, they’ll know the proper way to pack and load each piece to ensure it looks as good as it does now for generations to come!

Heavy & Specialty Items

Have one item that’s particularly cumbersome or heavy to move – like a pool table, piano, or safe? We can help you find movers to accommodate these and other small or one-item moving loads.

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With Great Guys, you can find the help you need to move your furniture quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re hauling a couch or need a hand transporting furniture from your storage unit to your new apartment, we can assist! With us, you get the assurance of:

  • Proper moving equipment: Professional movers have lifting straps, moving blankets/furniture pads, dollies, and other tools to ensure an injury-free, damage-free move.
  • Licensing & insurance: We screen the movers we work with to make sure they’re legitimate businesses. This qualification means they must keep their moving licenses and insurance policies up-to-date.
  • Expertise: Pro moving crews move furniture every day, so you can trust they know the best techniques for hauling your fragile

To get a free quote for moving your furniture, call Great Guys now or fill out the easy online form ( We’ll get you in touch with movers who are experts at all things furniture relocation!

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