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Whether you have a whole house full of stuff that’s headed to storage or you are just moving one heavy piece of furniture, you could probably use a few extra sets of hands to do the job! Great Guys helps you track down furniture moving companies near you, so you don’t have to wrestle that couch down the stairs or break your back trying to lift your armoire. Our network of professional movers can help with all your furniture moving needs – from in-home furniture rearranging to shipping your favorite pieces to a new home across the country. The licensed and insured moving companies that we work with employ trained staff adept at every stage of the furniture moving process. From disassembling beds and other bulky items to padding and wrapping them, to the actual transport, they’ll ensure your sofa, coffee table, credenza, and console make it to their destination without harm. To find the best furniture moving services near you and request a free quote, click the “Find Movers” button below.

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We know someone who can help! Tap into the Great Guys Moving network and find reliable assistance from licensed moving companies in your neck of the woods. Our movers offer the following furniture moving services:

In-Home Furniture Movers

Feeling the itch to re-arrange your furniture? Moving a 350-pound sofa bed upstairs to your guest room or the grand piano to the other side of the house might sound like impossible tasks on your own, but with the help of professional furniture movers, rearranging is a snap! Hire an in-home furniture mover, and they’ll send a team and equipment to help you safely and quickly reorder your home.

Local Furniture Movers

Are you looking for the cheapest way to move your furniture a short distance? Hire an in-town moving company by the hour, and you won’t have to hassle with finding a truck, renting equipment and moving straps, or badgering your friends and family to help you. Local furniture movers can deliver that newish modular sectional you found on Craigslist or transport your entire household of beds, tables, and bookcases to your new address.

Interstate Furniture Movers

Wondering the best way to move your furniture to another state? If you think that renting a truck and driving it yourself is the way to go, you might be pleasantly surprised at the affordability of a professional long distance mover. State-to-state moving companies have furniture hauling down to a science. Whether you need them to piggyback a single piece across state lines or to transport every last stick of furniture you own, they are here to deliver!

Shipping Furniture Across the Country

If a cross-country road trip in a U-Haul isn’t your cup of tea, you may want to explore your options for shipping your furniture across the country. The movers we work with are logistics masters who have creative solutions for shipping chairs, safes, pianos, or whatever else you might be moving from one coast to the other. You won’t have to lift a finger or spend days bumping along on the highways between here and there to get your goods where they need to go.

Gun Safe Movers

For the responsible gun owner, a gun safe is a smart way to keep shotguns, rifles, and other firearms securely locked away. The sheer size, weight, and impenetrability of most gun safes deters theft and keeps guns out of the wrong hands. However, the same properties that make the safe a secure place to store your guns also make it tricky to move. Moving a gun safe that weighs several hundred pounds certainly isn’t a task to tackle alone. Many residential moving companies treat gun safes that are under 200-300 pounds as they would any other piece of furniture. However, a larger safe may require a customized moving plan to ensure the proper manpower and equipment is in place to transport it without injury or damage. Request a free gun safe moving quote now by clicking “Get Quote.”

Moving or Shipping One Piece of Furniture

Wondering how to ship a single item of furniture? Whether it’s the irreplaceable antique buffet passed down from your Great Aunt Mildred or the custom-milled dining table that seats the whole family, you want to make sure your treasured piece arrives at its destination intact, without spending a fortune. Interstate and cross-country moving companies often fill extra space on trucks with one-off shipments just like yours. In industry-speak, this “piggybacking” is an efficient and affordable way to transport small furniture loads.

Couch and Sofa Movers

The couch is the centerpiece of the American home. It’s where we sit to enjoy conversation with friends, where we spend rainy Saturdays curled up with a hot tea and a good book, and for most of us, where we wile away far too many hours binging the latest and greatest Netflix offerings. It’s safe to say that for most people a house isn’t a home without a couch. It’s also a safe bet, that unless you’re the Hulk, you’ll need a few hands to help you move your davenport. Whether you’re looking to move that sleek sleeper sofa to your new apartment or hauling that gargantuan sectional to the living room at your next residence, our couch movers are ready to assist!

Heavy & Specialty Items

Have one item that’s particularly cumbersome or heavy to move – like a pool table, piano, or safe? We can help you find movers to accommodate these and other small or one-item moving loads.

Furniture Storage

Whether you’re hanging onto a few family heirlooms to pass down to your kids or you’ve run out of space for everything, you can find furniture storage quickly and easily with Great Guys. Most moving companies offer secure, climate-controlled storage for your furniture and other household items with the added convenience of pick-up and drop-off services.

Office Furniture

That 1000-pound conference table and those rows upon rows of cubicles aren’t going to move on their own. Instead of putting your unfortunate interns on the job, hire professional moving help to ensure your pricey furniture & equipment survives the relocation in one-piece. Great Guys connects you with movers who specialize in commercial furniture moving, making your business relocation seamless!

Antiques & Vintage Furniture

Antiques are not only priceless, but they’re typically irreplaceable, which means you need to handle them with care. If you want to keep your items in tip-top shape during transport, then hire a professional antique shipping company to do all the tedious dismantling, wrapping, and crating of your precious pieces. As antique moving specialists, they’ll know the proper way to pack and load each piece to ensure it looks as good as it does now for generations to come!

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Our Furniture Moving Companies Get the Job Done

Find a furniture mover near you to complete the job from start to finish with Great Guys Moving. Our network of reputable moving companies can handle just about any furniture – from armoires to bedroom suites. Here’s what you can expect from these moving professionals:

The Right Tools & Equipment

While some old-fashioned muscle works perfectly fine to lift most furniture, heavier or bulkier items might require special furniture moving tools and equipment. You can count on your crew to arrive with all the necessary dollies, furniture straps, sliders, and hand trucks to ensure the safe removal and transport of even your heaviest items.

Home Protection

Don’t let your home become a casualty of moving day! Scratched hardwood floors and holes in the drywall are just a couple of mishaps that could occur when moving furniture into or out of a house. Professionals take the time to protect floors and pad furniture with sharp corners, so a simple move doesn’t turn into a home remodeling project.

Taking Apart and Disassembling Furniture

Some furniture, like a California King, simply won’t fit down the stairs or around passageways in one piece. Other items, like your sofa, might have delicate legs that are susceptible to snapping during transport. You can count on your crew to disassemble table legs, bed frames, and other vulnerable pieces, bagging the parts for easy reassembly.

Padding and Wrapping Furniture

Damaged goods are the last thing you want to find upon unloading the moving truck. Ensuring you pack your furniture correctly is essential to its functionality in your next home. Find pros to tackle the job of packing and wrapping your items for you, so you won’t have to contend with a large scratch across your mahogany tabletop or a huge rip in your leather couch at the end of a long move. The moving crew will work to wrap each item in moving blankets or furniture pads, securing the protective coverings with professional-grade stretch wrap. This step keeps wooden furniture from getting scratched, and your upholstered items smudge- and dirt-free.

Local and Interstate Moving & Hauling

A furniture moving service often handles local furniture delivery as well as long-distance furniture moves. Movers take care loading your items on the truck and securing them in place to make sure nothing falls or shifts in transit.

Delivery and Reassembly

Once the shipment arrives at the destination, your movers will work quickly to reassemble any pieces they took apart. Then, they’ll work to position furniture according to your floorplan.


Pro Furniture Shipping Companies

With Great Guys, you can find the help you need to move your furniture quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re hauling a couch or need a hand transporting furniture from your storage unit to your new apartment, we can assist! With us, you get the assurance of:

  • Proper moving equipment: Professional movers have lifting straps, moving blankets/furniture pads, dollies, and other tools to ensure an injury-free, damage-free move.
  • Licensing & insurance: We screen the movers we work with to make sure they’re legitimate businesses. This qualification means they must keep their moving licenses and insurance policies up-to-date.
  • Expertise: Pro moving crews move furniture every day, so you can trust they know the best techniques for hauling your stuff!

To get a free quote for moving your furniture, call Great Guys now or fill out the easy online form ( We’ll get you in touch with movers who are experts at all things furniture relocation!

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General Tips on How to Move Your Furniture

So, it’s finally happened. You’ve been out of work for over a year, and the dream offer comes in. But it’s halfway across the country, and the company wants you to start in THREE weeks! Not only do you have to sell your place or notify your landlord, but you must find a new home in a completely different state and figure out the logistics of moving everything from Point A to Point B. What do you do? To maintain your sanity, and ensure your items arrive safely and on time, your best bet is to find a professional furniture moving company that can take the burden off your shoulders. And we’re here to help.

Your biggest ally in this life-changing opportunity will be a moving service that knows how to move any furniture, quickly and with care. If you had the time, you know how you would handle your precious items, but if you don’t, it’s important to find a furniture mover that will do the job as well, if not better, than you would. The chances are good that you’ve moved before in your lifetime, but it always helps to have a refresher on the best moving practices. We’ve compiled some helpful furniture moving hints for you, whether you’re doing the heavy lifting or have hired a mover.

Following are some important tips that will help guide you through the furniture moving process:

1. Purge & Donate

Local furniture movers charge by the hour, while interstate furniture movers charge based on the weight of your items. Either way, everything they pack and transport costs you money. So, why take things you don’t need? In the weeks before moving day, go through all your belongings, and pull out anything you don’t use or no longer want. Tired of that sleeper sofa that never cooperates or that dining table that’s well past its prime? Arrange for a charity to pick up your unwanted things, sell items online through Facebook Marketplace, or have a garage sale. You’ll feel so much lighter, and your move will cost less!

2. Take Pictures

If a furniture moving company is doing all or most of the packing for you, it’s important to take inventory of your belongings beforehand. This record will prevent any misunderstandings about loss or breakage down the road. The easiest way to document your items is to take photos of all furniture, art and other items of value. (Also make sure to take pictures of your electronics so you’ll remember how to plug in the cords once you arrive). You don’t need to take pictures of every single dish or pair of pants but be aware of what you own, and what you’re transporting. It’s amazing how much stuff we forget we have.

3. Measure & Envision

One of the most important things you can do when moving is to measure! Measure your new home (or get the blueprints) and measure your furniture. Then envision where all the furniture will go. It’s vital not to make assumptions because there’s nothing more disappointing hauling your couch across the country only to find it is too large for your new living room. Better to know before you go and take appropriate action (i.e., selling furniture that won’t fit beforehand).

4. Disassembling Furniture

To ensure that your furniture arrives without damage, you will want to take apart anything breakable beforehand or ask the furniture movers to do it for you. If your cabinets have glass doors, for example, you will want to remove them, wrapping each piece separately. Have plastic bags available to keep all nuts, bolts, and fasteners for every piece of furniture—label them and tape to the furniture itself.

5. Loading Furniture on the Truck

Whether movers are loading the truck, or you are, it’s important that the truck is large enough to hold all your belongings in one trip. Measure all the large pieces and then estimate the rest, always erring on the larger side. If you are working with professionals, they will likely perform an in-home walkthrough to determine the approximate volume of your furniture and other items. If you are renting a truck, make sure you load the biggest, heaviest items, like refrigerators, washer/dryers, mattresses, bed frames, and couches, first. These should rest on the bottom of the truck, so as not to crush and damage boxes. Also, to save room, all long pieces, like tables, couches, and headboards, should be placed in an upright, vertical position. Roll up and tie rugs, placing upright to pad other pieces. And then load the lightest items last. Distribute the weight evenly, and finally, secure all items with moving straps.

6. Unloading and Reassembling in Your New Home

A handy tool when packing boxes are color-coded rolls of packing tape that mark and identify which room a box or piece of furniture should go in. With that system, it’s easy to unload the smaller boxes that are in the front quickly, putting each box in the correct room. Marking the boxes with colored markers achieves the same result. Preparing in advance, whether you or the movers are doing the packing, helps to make the unloading process that much easier. Once your furniture is in the appropriate room, your furniture movers work quickly to reassemble the pieces that they took apart when packing. It’s especially important to reassemble your beds first, so you have a place to rest after a long few days or weeks of moving.

Furniture Moving Tools and Equipment You Need

The right tools and equipment make all the difference between an easy move and pure torture. Each of the following tools is essential for moving furniture safely and easily. If you’re hiring professionals, please note that they include most of these items in the cost of the move, so you won’t need to rent or purchase items separately.

To safely move furniture, you will need:

  • Furniture/flat dolly: The heavy-duty square, four-wheeled platforms you can place the furniture on will save your back when handling bulky home furnishings.
  • Hand truck: This two-wheeled dolly with the long back is perfect for stacking and moving large numbers of heavy boxes at a time. You can also strap vertical furniture, like dressers, armoires, and appliances, to the hand truck for easier transport between home and truck.
  • Moving straps: Moving straps (also called ratchet straps, lashing straps or tie-downs) are fasteners used to hold down cargo or equipment during transport. It’s essential to strap down all furniture on the truck, to keep it from shifting and breaking something while the truck is on the road.
  • Furniture sliders: Little plastic or felt pieces that stick onto (or slide under) the edges of your furniture, save your floor and bottom edges of your furniture from scratching and damage.
  • Moving blankets/furniture pads: Furniture moving blankets, or moving pads, are used by movers to wrap and protect furniture and vulnerable objects during a move. Great for protecting furniture, mirrors, and your TV, they are also used to wrap and protect all furniture.
  • Movers’ wrap: To secure furniture blankets, invest in a roll of heavy-grade movers’ wrap, similar to (but stronger than) the saran wrap you use to cover your leftovers. Cover furniture with moving blankets, then wrap the entire piece in several layers of movers’ wrap to secure in place.
  • Tape: Packing tape is always convenient to have on hand during a move.
  • Plastic baggies: When you’re disassembling furniture, you’ll need a safe place to store all the nuts, bolts, and washers. Throw them in a plastic baggie and secure to the piece of furniture they belong to using movers’ wrap. This step will allow for seamless reassembly at your destination.
  • Scissors and box cutters: These are helpful for myriad reasons, but are especially handy when cutting movers’ wrap or tape during the packing and unpacking process.
  • Gloves: Protect your hands while moving by investing in a pair of moving gloves with gripping power.
  • Tools: Before moving day, scope out the tools you’ll need to take apart your furniture.

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How to Move a Couch

Who can forget the iconic scene on Friends when Ross enlists Rachel and Chandler to help get his new sofa up the building’s stairs? Ross struggles to get the sofa around a turn, and it just won’t go. The frustration soon leaves him repeatedly screaming “PIVOT” at his friends before finally chopping the sofa in half and then trying to return it to the store.

For many of us, moving a sofa into a new home is the most stressful part of moving. Will it fit through the front door, up the stairs, through the living room door opening? The suspense is overwhelming. But you can prepare beforehand. Here are some handy steps.

1. Is It Worth It?

The very first question you need to ask yourself is, “how great is that couch, anyway?” Is it worth moving? Or would it be nice to start your new life with a new couch? And make sure to measure! If the couch doesn’t fit, why make the trip?  If you decide to part ways with your couch, you might want to find a local thrift store that offers free donation pick-up or try to sell it on Craigslist or a similar platform that requires the buyer to transport it.

2. Preparing Properly

Once you’ve decided to go ahead and move the sofa, you’ll need to disassemble it as much as you can or have the movers do it for you. Taking a couch apart includes:


  • Taking off all sofa cushions, including decorative pillows.
  • Removing the legs of the couch, either by unscrewing or turning anti-clockwise. Place all together and wrap or place in a large plastic bag.
  • If it’s a sleeper sofa, be sure to secure the bed with rope so that it won’t unfold on the movers.
  • If it’s a modular or large couch, detach pieces, so it’s easier to move parts into your new home individually.
  • Keep all fasteners in a plastic bag, label, and tape to one of the pieces.
  • If you’re doing it yourself, take pictures of how the fasteners worked so you’ll remember on the other end.

3. Wrapping the Couch

Once you have disassembled the sofa, you need to pack it to keep it protected all the way to its new destination. If movers are doing the work for you, they’ll have this system down, but if it’s all you, here’s how the professionals do it.


  • Use bubble wrap or plastic bags to wrap removed parts such as cushions, so they won’t get dirty or dusty while in transit.
  • If the couch has parts that stick out or ornamental details, use bubble wrap to cover the fragile parts, securing it in place with packing tape or movers’ wrap. Be careful not to tape directly over the upholstery or on polished wooden surfaces.
  • If you’re moving a recliner sofa, secure the metal parts with a furniture strap to prevent it from opening during transportation.
  • If your couch is antique or more valuable than a regular sofa, wrap the entire piece in shrink wrap.
  • Finally, make sure to wrap the couch in furniture blankets on the truck and secure with furniture straps.


4. Moving the Couch

Couches are heavy, so don’t try to move it yourself! Either have the couch movers do it or call upon friends to help. Make sure you have sliders handy to position the sofa for easy removal from the house. And have a furniture dolly on hand to get it out to the truck.

How to Move a Gun Safe

Speaking of things that are heavy, moving a gun safe is not easy! By nature, gun safes are tall, bulky, and weigh several hundred pounds. You can attempt to do it yourself, but by far the best way to handle is to hire a professional gun safe mover. But if you must DIY, then here are some handy tips:

Empty the Safe

Seems intuitive, but the safe is heavy enough on its own, so first off, you need to remove all contents. You also need to be mindful of everyone’s safety. If a safe is dropped with guns inside, one could accidentally discharge, hurting someone or damaging something. Make sure to remove all weapons and unload any live ammunition before moving – safety first!

Have the Right Equipment

With such a heavy item, you want to protect your body at all costs. Make sure you rent a heavy-duty dolly cart, moving straps, and have work gloves available for you and anyone helping. If you’re taking the gun safe downstairs, be sure to rent a stair-climbing dolly to make a tough job easier. And if you’re renting a truck, make sure it’s one that can handle the weight. Not every truck can hold up to the strain of transporting such a heavy item.

Check Out the Route

Before getting started, check out the route you’ll be taking to get the gun safe out of the house. Are there large pieces of furniture in the way that you need to remove first? Are there tight turns on stairwells? Make sure to measure everything before you begin, so there are no surprises. Proper planning will make the move go smoother.

Use Straps

Straps are your friend during a move like this. They are essential for guaranteeing your gun safe is secured and that it will not roll off the dolly. And once you have loaded the safe onto the truck, use the straps to secure it to the wall, so it doesn’t shift around and damage anything else that might be in the truck.

Get Friends to Help

And on the topic of friends, you’re going to need some to make this happen. You can’t do this alone, so make sure you’re on good terms with your strong buddies and in-laws. You can almost always win helpers over with beer and pizza! Nobody truly enjoys helping with a move, especially when it’s a thousand-pound gun safe, but these enticements might help!

If you do hire a professional gun safe mover, there are more steps you’ll need to take before they can move the safe for you. They can’t move live ammunition within their moving trucks, nor can they move guns that do not have proper registration or licensing. So, you will need to:

  1. Have all gun registrations and licenses together to show your movers.
  2. Make sure to unload all rifles and pistols, if you are transporting them within the safe (though, experts do not recommend this).
  3. Remove all ammunition from the safe.
  4. Inventory any valuables and document contents.
  5. Remove any wall mounting equipment.

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Cheapest Ways to Move Furniture

Let’s face it, moving furniture is going to cost you, one way or another, but there are many ways to keep the costs down if need be. Following are some tips and ideas for saving money when moving furniture specifically.

Sell It!

Have you had that couch since college? Was that Ikea dining set only supposed to be temporary until you got “grown-up” furniture? Before a move, it’s worth taking an objective look at your belongings and determining what absolutely, positively must stay and what you can happily release to a new owner. Anything you can easily part with can be sold on Craigslist, OfferUp, LetGo or a similar platform, potentially raising more money for your move!

Take the Write-Off!

Another great option is donating your unwanted furniture to a charity, preferably one that’s meaningful to you. That way you’re getting rid of stuff, rather than paying to move it to a new house, you’re doing good, and you’re getting a tax write-off—all in one fell swoop. What could be better than that?

Do It Yourself

You can often save money on the move by doing it yourself. You could potentially borrow a truck or trailer for short distance move or rent a U-Haul and drive for a long-distance move. But be realistic. What you might save in money, you’re potentially losing in time, back pain, and exhaustion. And there are hidden costs to consider, like equipment rentals, gas, lodging, and food. So, take the time to think through your priorities, and determine what makes the most sense for you.

Rent a Pod

Renting a portable moving container is one of the most popular alternatives to using full-service movers. It’s usually cheaper (almost by half) and can act as storage, should you need it. You pack the container; then the company picks it up, stores it (if necessary), and delivers it to your destination. This method of moving can be very convenient if you’re on a budget. Just remember that you will be doing all the packing and unpacking, so the money you’re saving is primarily on the labor.

Hire by The Hour

Another option is to hire a local mover by the hour to help you. This method could be cheaper than DIY considering you won’t have to pay to rent dollies, furniture pads, and other equipment—the mover should already have all those items. But if you’re going a long distance, this may not work for you.

LTL Furniture Shipping

If you don’t need your furniture right away, then you could consider shipping furniture via LTL shipping (Less Than Truckload). In addition to moving entire households of furniture, many moving companies will consolidate small load shipments if customers only have a few items to move. Your furniture may make many stops and even change trucks, so you may not get a guaranteed delivery date, but the savings can be substantial. If you use this method, make sure that your items are wrapped extremely well to withstand the wear and tear.

Move During the Off-Season

One thing you might not know is that moving, like most things, has a busy season. If you can plan your move between October and April, you could potentially save quite a bit over other times of the year. During the late spring, summer and early fall (when kids are out of school), moving companies keep their prices high because their services and products are in high demand. After those seasons, demand falls, so many moving services drop prices to drum up business.

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How to Store Furniture in a Storage Unit

If you haven’t found a new place to live on the other end of your move, or need a little extra time, one option to consider is storing your furniture in a storage unit or pod. These can be very convenient when you’re not quite ready to move into a new home. But like loading a moving truck, there are many tips to packing a storage unit properly that will save you all kinds of time and, potentially, heartache, later.

1. Do Your Research

Look into the available options. If you’re going with a traditional storage unit, is it air-tight? Clean? Dry? Even climate-controlled? Does it have any history of water damage or flooding? The more you know going in, the safer your belongings will be. Moisture is the enemy of almost all types of materials (leather, fabric, wood), so you want to make sure your furniture will be safe for as long as it’s in the unit.

2. Clean Everything Before Loading

You may think your stuff is clean but is it? Take a close look before loading. There’s nothing nastier than receiving your belongings back months after your move, only to find out they’re greasy, sticky, or stained. It’s much easier to wipe everything down before it goes in, so you’re happy to have it back months later. For wooden pieces, especially antiques, use a wood cleaner like Murphy Oil Soap to protect the finish on the wood. Be sure to clean fabric items like couches or seat cushions with upholstery cleaner. And if you’re completely fastidious, polish any metal sections with a metal cleaner to prevent tarnishing.

3. Wrap Everything Well

Many people are in a rush when they’re loading a storage unit and don’t bother to wrap their furniture properly. Make sure that everything is completely covered, including the floor so if there is any moisture, it won’t seep into your furniture. Use old sheets, blankets, drop cloths, or furniture blankets to cover the pieces and protect them from dust and moisture. Don’t wrap too tightly. Make sure that everything can breathe by loosely draping the material over the furniture.

4. Protect Anything Glass

If your furniture is being transported and stored in a pod, the contents can easily shift, breaking the glass on items such as mirrors, wall art, coffee tables, and desks. And if your furniture is going into a storage unit, the simple act of packing the space might be enough to destroy delicate pieces that haven’t been wrapped properly. Prevent breakage by wrapping the glass with packing paper (don’t tape the paper directly to the glass, as it will leave a sticky residue). Then, either cover the glass in bubble wrap or put the entire item into a long box for added security.

5. Don’t Stuff It to the Gills

And finally, the best advice we can offer is, don’t try to cram too much stuff into your storage unit. The best way to break things is to shove too much in. Take a minute to plan and organize. Pack furniture methodically by starting with the largest pieces and then adding boxes and smaller items at the end. Make sure there is always an aisle to access the back and sides of your unit in case you need to retrieve items along the way. And give everything lots of room so you can easily locate and identify all your belongings.


Does all this talk of furniture moving leave you feeling exhausted? If you’d rather leave the hard work to the professionals, we can help! Great Guys Moving helps you find furniture moving companies who offer exceptional furniture delivery and shipping services at affordable rates. Click “Get Started” to request your free furniture shipping quotes!

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