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Checklist of Things to Buy When Moving into a New House

Moving into the vast bareness of a new house can overwhelm even the most organized homeowner. Going on an impulsive shopping spree might have you end up with stuff you can’t use and leave you without essential things you need. Make sure to add these items to your initial shopping list to find a balance between practicality and personality.

Fire Extinguisher

Even if your new home already comes equipped with a fire extinguisher, you should buy your own. Since fire extinguishers come in five kinds to fight different types of fires, buying your own ensures you’ll have the right one on hand. You can consult the U.S. Fire Administration website to see which ones will suit your individual needs.

Wet-Dry Vacuum

A wet-dry vacuum isn’t the most glamorous item to buy, but you need one. Even if your new home is move-in ready and seems immaculate, it helps to stay on top of little and big messes. No one plans for spills in the driveway, gardening dirt on new carpets, or nails on the garage floor. However, things get spilled and dropped when moving and unpacking. A good Shop-Vac will keep your new house looking clean from day one.

Window Treatments

Blinds, shades, and drapes should top the list when it comes to buying things for a new house. New window treatments freshen up a living space instantly, and you need them for privacy. Even if you live in a remote area with no neighbors, you’ll need window treatments to create shade where you need it. This advice especially applies to bedrooms that see morning sun and living spaces that get too hot in direct sunlight. Of course, the right blinds can also help keep your home warmer in the winter.

Light Fixtures

Even the newest home often comes with inexpensive, unappealing lights. Bad lighting or builder-grade fixtures can bring down the ambiance of a living space significantly. Regardless of the style of your home, personalizing light fixtures makes sense. Buying these doesn’t have to break the bank. Home improvement stores nowadays carry a large selection of affordable styles that add elegance and character.

Side Tables

Picking out large pieces of furniture can be overwhelming, but you should buy some side tables to get started. These can function as perching consoles while you get yourself unpacked and organized. Plus, you can have a little fun choosing them because they don’t have to match any other decor. This versatility makes them easy to blend with other furnishings you might acquire in the future.

Colorful Accents

The color palette of a home says a lot about its owners. Since walls, floors and cabinets usually come in neutral tones, creating your own color story makes your house a home. Since you want to stay flexible with your choices, opt for pieces that you can quickly change. Examples include pillows, throws, artwork and decorative dishes.
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