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Best Way to Pack Glasses for Moving to a New House

When getting ready to move, projects large and small often consume your mind. Whether it’s moving the refrigerator, signing on your house, or forwarding your mail to the new address, there are a lot of things to get done ahead of your relocation. One of the most important things to finish is all the packing.

You probably have dozens of boxes to pack in the weeks and months leading up to your move. While boxing many items, like books and linens, doesn’t require much thought, your breakable items need a bit more care. When it comes to packing your drinking glasses for the big move, the last thing you want is to arrive at your new home and find many of them in pieces.

Fortunately, we’ve rounded up our best tips to prepare your glassware for the move:

1. Acquire the Appropriate Boxes

For glasses, using a “cell box” is strongly recommended. These boxes have dividers to ensure fragile items like glasses do not touch one another and protects them from rattling around. Cell boxes are easy-to-find on Amazon or in-person at your local U-Haul or home improvement store. Alternatively, you can find free boxes that come with cell dividers at wine and liquor shops as well as from grocery stores. Most items sold in glass bottles or jars are shipped to retailers in these boxes. Just ask the staff at your local stores!

2. Individually Wrap Each Glass

Even though your glasses are all neatly separated in the cell box, you should still wrap each one. Start by stuffing each glass with white tissue paper or plain packing paper, then wrap a layer of paper around the outside of each one. Be aware that newspaper can leave smudges on your glassware that may not come off. Next, place each covered glass in bubble wrap and carefully tape it. Then, you can set each glass in a cell.

If you don’t use cell boxes, you can consult this video for an alternative way to wrap your glasses for storage in traditional boxes.

3. Add Some Padding to Each Box

Small towels and even articles of clothing like socks and t-shirts can be strategically tucked into spaces in your boxes to provide cushion and security. Make sure to fill any extra space in each box so that the glasses won’t shift around in transit.

4. Close, Tape, and Label Each Box

Make sure that you tape each box so that it closes securely. Given the padding you put inside of the boxes, there shouldn’t be much trouble doing this. Next, clearly and boldly label the boxes as “fragile” so that you and your movers remember to them handle them with care.

5. Be Mindful of Where These Boxes are Stored

Both in your old home, on the moving truck, and in your new home during the move, keep all fragile boxes together in a secure place where they can’t fall. Also, store all heavy boxes on the bottom, so they don’t tumble into or onto your boxes filled with glasses.

Using these handy packing tips from our professional movers, you’ll have your glasses packed and ready for transport in no time.


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