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When you’re researching your move, you might want to think about how professional services could make your experience less stressful. Here are some of the options to consider:

Interstate Moves

Considering a move from out-of-state is daunting, especially if you have a household of belongings to bring along. Rather than renting a box truck to do it yourself, consider hiring a full-service mover. Whether you’re coming from a neighboring state or from across the country, there are licensed professionals to do the legwork, so you’ll have less on your plate.

Intrastate & Local Moves

Even though it’s a shorter distance, moving within the city or from a nearby area is still challenging to coordinate. Taking time off work; planning and organizing; and the physical labor involved are stressful. Austin has local moving companies that can take care of all the tricky logistics for you — all you need to do is find your next home.

Small Load Moves

If you’re moving from a more modest home — maybe a studio or one-bedroom apartment — it may be worth it to find help. Movers in our network specialize in these types of relocations and offer competitive rates.

Furniture Shipments

Furniture moving services can help disassemble, protect, and move large furniture. Whether you’re shipping one piece to your new Austin address or need to send a handful of pieces across the globe, the professionals in the Great Guys network are ready to help.

Piano Transport

Moving large instruments, like a piano, requires patience and precision. Professional movers are trained to treat your instrument with the necessary care to ensure its safety. If you aren’t comfortable handling your piano, reach out to a moving service that has the skill and experience required for moving this delicate item.

Art & Antiques

Items that are near and dear should receive the consideration and care they deserve. If you have valuable art or antiques that require special handling, don’t risk their safety during your relocation. Reaching out to a service professional isn’t just a good idea – it’s an investment.


If you need temporary storage during your move, storage-in-transit offers the perfect solution. Maybe you sold your old house but haven’t found a new home yet, or you need to store valuable documents while you’re remodeling your office space. Whatever your temporary storage needs are, Austin moving and storage companies will store your items in safe, climate-controlled units.

Car Shipping

Road trips might be liberating, but they’re not always practical during a move. If you have a vehicle to relocate, we can help you find services to ship your car over long and short distances. You can arrange this as a stand-alone service or as part of your comprehensive relocation package.

Packing Services

Before you move, you’ll have to pack. If you have large or oddly shaped items that are coming along for the trip or you just don’t have the energy to box everything yourself, it might make sense to let professionals take care of packing for you. Whether you’re a local or moving from out-of-state, professional packers can help you safely and efficiently get your items in order.

Residential Moves

Transporting your belongings from your entire house or apartment is a tough task. Many professional Austin moving services specialize in residential moves and can handle all types of items with care.

Commercial Moves

Whether you need to shift office furniture within your current building or relocate entirely, there are commercial movers to help. Moving an entire business, or part of one, involves a lot of work and coordination. Experienced professionals take care of your commercial relocation needs so that you can stay focused on business.

Short Notice Moves

If you thought you could handle your move but find that you need some last-minute assistance, don’t worry. There are companies in the Great Guys network that offer same day and emergency relocation services. Don’t stress if you run into difficulty at the last minute—just give a professional a call.

Moving Supplies

When it’s time to get your things together, you’ll want to make sure they’re packed safely. You can head to the nearest grocery store and see if they have used boxes, collect newspaper to use as cushioning, and you’ll be set. Or, if you’d prefer, you can ask your mover for boxes, bubble or packing wrap, and some tape. Either way, you’ll want to make sure you have enough supplies to take care of all your belongings.

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