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7 Tips for Moving with Pets

While you might think pets have it easy during the moving process, a move can be just as stressful for your family’s canine counterparts. Dogs do well with consistency and familiarity, so boxing up their entire world and moving it to a location filled with new sights and smells can induce extreme anxiety. Here are 7 tips for giving your pup (and you) the most stress-free moving experience possible. Also, be sure to see our other post on Tips For Moving Cross Country With Your Furry Friends.

 1. Attention

In the midst of wading through piles of moving boxes and frantically wrapping and packing everything, it can be easy to forget about Rover’s needs. As you’re packing up the world he’s grown accustomed to, you can comfort him by giving him a little extra TLC. Keep his routine consistent by taking the time to go on his daily walk – the fresh air and exercise will be great for reducing your blood pressure too! Take some time to talk to him and give him extra belly rubs. Knowing that you’re there even though his environment is changing will help him cope with anxiety more easily.


Give your pup some extra attention to reassure him everything will be okay.

2. Small Spaces

Keep a small space untouched for him when he needs an escape from your packing mayhem. Most dogs enjoy retreating to their crate because the confined space helps them feel comforted and protected. Keep his kennel out and fill it with his favorite toys and the occasional treat to keep him occupied and happy.

3. Vet

If you’re making a long distance move, make sure you take Rover for one last visit to his vet. At this last appointment, ensure he is current on all his vaccinations and ask for a copy of his medical records in case you need them during the move. Within in the first week or two of arriving at your new home, find a new vet and have your pup’s complete medical records forwarded to their office.

4. Moving Day

If you thought the packing caused Rover stress, just imagine what strange men taking away all of the boxes and furniture will do. While Great Guys Moving loves our furry friends, we ask that you please keep them out of the house on moving day for their safety and that of your movers. Drop them off at doggy day care or ask a friend to watch them for a few hours. Less distractions and fewer things to trip over mean your movers can get your things loaded and transported to your new home more quickly and efficiently.

Give your pets a quiet space to retreat to when the chaos of moving gets too overwhelming

Give your pets a quiet space to retreat to when the chaos of moving gets too overwhelming

5. Smells

As you start unpacking in your new home, realize that the new sights and also the new smells might send your dog into sensory overload. With noses tens of thousands of times stronger than their humans’, dogs can smell just about everything. Lots of fresh paint and abundant use of cleaning supplies usually come with a new living space, so do your pup a favor and let him spend more time roaming in fresh air of the backyard for the first couple weeks. If he must be inside, resist the urge to wash his blankets and toys. The old familiar smells will be a calming force as he adjusts to life in a new place.

6. Update His Tags

Moving means having to update your address on everything! Don’t forget to update Rover’s tags with your new home address and phone number in case he decides to go exploring the new neighborhood on his own.

7. Re-establish Routine

Though you’ll undoubtedly still have a lot to do after the moving truck departs, try to re-establish routines as soon as possible. Consistency and pattern will be a calming force on your pup, helping him acclimate more quickly to his new environment. Spending time with him every day will also reassure him that even though his home has changed, you will always be there for him.
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