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5 Ways You Can Involve Your Kids in the Moving Process

When you are preparing your family to move to a new location it might seem like there’s an endless list of to-dos to check off. Instead of bearing the burden alone, try getting the whole family involved. Children may be resistant to or anxious about the thought of moving, and asking them to help with various parts of the moving process might make the experience less traumatic for them. No matter their age, there are plenty of ways you can get their assistance as you prep for your move. Here are some of the best ways to get them involved:

1. Have Your Children Help with Finding a New House

If your children get to see some of the homes that are available in a different location, then they are more likely to enjoy moving. A real estate agent can provide photographs and videos of the homes in a city that is far from your current home. When your children are old enough to travel with you to view homes, bring them along to see the schools and recreational areas. If they can get excited about their new house or elements of your new neighborhood, then they will be far more likely to embrace life in a new place.

2. Have Them Help You Get Rid of Clutter

When you are moving your possessions to a new home, it is a good idea to get rid of as many things as possible to save money and make the process less stressful. After all, the weight of your household goods shipment is the biggest factor in determining the cost of a long distance move. Plus, the less you must unpack, the faster you’ll be able to get settled into your new place.

To get rid of clutter, you should begin as soon as possible by sorting through your closets, cupboards, and basement. If you want to make extra cash, then plan to have a garage sale. Alternatively, you can donate old furniture, appliances, and clothing to charitable organizations to receive a deduction on your taxes.

Get your kids to help with decluttering your home before you start packing by donating old or unused toys.

3. Planning How to Decorate a New Home

Before moving into your new home, have your children plan how they will decorate their bedrooms. Your child might become nervous about moving to a different city where they must adjust to a new school, so having a bedroom to relax in after a difficult day at school could be a great comfort during this time of transition. Letting her decide what color to paint the walls or allowing her to choose new bedding, will ensure it’s her ideal set-up. In addition to redecorating a bedroom, listen to your child’s suggestions concerning the other areas of the home.

4. Pack a Box of Their Favorite Things

As you prepare to move to a new home, give each of your children a plastic tote to pack their favorite things. This box will hold the things that your child wants to have immediately after moving. Your kids might want to have some of these items in his or her plastic tote:

  • Cuddly stuffed animal
    • Comforting blanket
    • Bedtime book
    • Fun video games
    • Comfortable clothes

Have your child set aside a few of his or her favorite items to go in the “essentials” box.

5. Help with Unpacking Possessions

After arriving at your new home, let your child arrange their bedroom furniture. They may want an arrangement that is different from their old home, or they might want to keep it the same. Your children may want to place dolls and stuffed animals on their bed to provide comfort, or they may want to upgrade to having a more mature-looking bedroom. Make it easier for your child to find the things needed in a kitchen or bathroom by letting them help put things away on shelves and in drawers.

By involving the entire family in the moving process, you can make the transition easier on the whole family. Letting kids help with important decisions will give them ownership of the move and help them to feel more excited about the daunting prospect of moving away from the familiarity of your current home.

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